FB Management provides services within banking and finance and sets up international auditing companies. We can set up and run international conferences, provide consulting on development of information systems, or advise higher educational institutions, like Universities and Business Schools. Our experience covers governmental service advisory as well as the designing of strategies for organizations and businesses. For many years, we run a security company rendering services for high-end business, military, police and governments. The scope of our activity also covers real estate market and infrastructural development.


FB Management has hands-on experience in setting up and running a number of factories based in Europe, Asia and Africa, among the others electronic and innovative technologies factories, textile plants, wood and furniture production plants, metal production, gardening tools production, FMCG and paper plants as well as companies specialized in sales and marketing.
We have clients from car manufacturers industry banks, airports, fashion houses, HiFi equipment
(Bang & Olufsen).


Business Information System – An essential factor to develop a successful business is to have reliable and credible information about the market situation.

FB offer regular business information for the Central Asian market. It covers the actual political situation, new business law, rules for conducting business in the area, knowledge about local markets and potential local partners.

New exciting project

LIFRIKI FOUNDATION supports research on whales, the ocean and nature in general through satellite data collected by tags on Humpback whales in the ocean around the world. The fund supports educational material for children, teenagers and grown-ups thus educating the public on the importance of the ocean for mankind. The fund seeks active partnerships with researchers, institutions and companies worldwide.

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