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Profile of FB Management Ltd. (Former FBL Management)

Danish and international management company with over 40 years of experiences in Business Development.
FB Management Ltd. formerly known as FBL Management has experience and a strong practical knowledge of international business development in the area of production, sales, marketing, distribution, finance, organization and cooperation with local public authorities. The company cooperates within:

  • retail, international trading
  • finance and banking,
  • agriculture and food processing,
  • power and grid system, traditional – and green energy
  • high end security of VIP , governmental-, military-, financial-, oil pipelines-, border liens and other sensitive objects
  • radio and data communications
  • real estate and development, construction, infrastructure,
  • production- mainly within textile, metal, wood, and electronics, radio communications and data equipment
  • services like auditing, business administration and transport, security of V.I.P. Poi, pipeline security
  • healthcare, blood banking
  • education, seminar and training
  • biotechnology
  • event management, playground, development of playgrounds and scents park for children
  • government consulting and advising

FB has operated worldwide within the security sector cooperating with police and governmental defense institutions.
The management and business development as the main area of expertise of FB came to life in Denmark in the 70’. Since then, the company gradually developed into a multi international organization operating in the EU. With the collapse of the central economy in Eastern Europe, it was expanded to post-communist countries, where its main activity was focused on start-ups and new business development in the emerging markets. Starting from the mid 80’ in Poland the company was progressively extended its operation to other East European states, mainly Ukraine, Russia, Baltic state and Hungary, with the view of development of business organizational structures, making investment projects and supporting extension of know-how by organizing business conferences.

This business later continued to the Asian countries (Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore) and for the last 16 years in Africa with its HQ in Abuja, Nigeria.
FB Management Ltd. is an official partner of University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and advisor for scholars and PhD students in the area of business development and cross-border cooperation.