Who are we?

FB Management’s value lays in our Human Resources, know-how, and experiences.

Owners & Managers

Hans Flindt

CEO & Owner
Chair and Partner Hans Flindt has a technical background extended with education in Management, Finance, Organization, Marketing, Distribution, Production Management and Strategy Development. He has more than 40-year experiences in Business- and organization Development. Besides that, he has been living in Europa, East Europa, Central &, East Asia, and The Central Africa. Here he has been responsible for executing projects with International partners, covering the following areas: Production, Power sector, IT, Distribution, Services, Governmental Business, Security, Education, Food & Agriculture, Biotechnology, Recherché, Hospital development, Investment, Banking, Finance, Import/Export, Hospitality & Tourism, Infrastructure Development, Real Estate Building and Development, Marketing and Organization Development.



Niels Ahlmann-Ohlsen

Chairman of The Board

Former Member of Parliament

Niels served more than 16 years as a conservative member of the Danish Parliament, where he was a spokesman for foreign affairs, defense, and environmental & planning. He was as well the Chairman of the environmental and planning committee and Chairman of the financial committee in the Nordic Council.

Niels made several business development projects based on a deep knowledge in India, and was the founder of Indian-Danish Forum, being the business organization promoting trade and culture links between India and Denmark. Niels is a Former European Director and CEO of three Indian owned IT companies in Germany and Denmark.

He has lived in Germany and has a great experience in the German market including 9 years as an advisor for Daimler Chrysler Aerospace in Ulm (Airbus Defense & Space EADS Deutschland). He Introduced and coordinated the business development of the world’s largest Civil Warning System in Denmark. Niels is today a CEO and partner of Strategic Alliance International and a board member of Lotek A/S Sønderborg.

John Blendstrup

Finance Director


CFO John Blendstrup has a solid advisory, audit and accounting background. John has served almost 30 years as state authorized public accountant in BDO, KPMG and EY as Exceutive Director. He has a broad experience with auditing, accounting and advisory of small, medium and larger enterprises in Denmark.

John has worked with production, power, water supply, general aviation, trading companies, hotels, real estate and a lot of other special businesses. Furthermore, he has worked with mergers, acquisitions, company structures and company tax related to his clients and their restructuring processes.

He has a long experience in valuating enterprises and shares. Due diligence in connection with company acquisitions is also one of his skills. He has for several years and in connection with his work as a state authorized public accountant been appointed as a vision and estimator for the Danish judicial system mainly related to valuation of shares and companies.

Senior Advisors

Professor Bodo Steiner

Senior Advisor Education and Research
Bodo Steiner, currently Professor MSO at the University of Southern Denmark and Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta, has an international career covering the Head of The Danfoss Center of Global Business, University of Southern Denmark; Associate Professor, Dept. of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta, Canada; Research Fellow and Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley, USA; European Commission Research Training Fellow, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Reading, United Kingdom and other European Universities. Besides that, he has contributed to more than thirty publications and his co-authored work has also been featured in 2015 by The Economist.

Throughout his academic career, he has initiated co-operations between private businesses and the University environment on practical projects, primarily in Canada, California, and Denmark.

Stig Axel Andersson

Senior Advisor
Stig Axel Andersson – Senior Advisor and expert in modern farming, agriculture development, and farm management, graduated in agriculture at Næsgaard Agricultural High School as the top of his class obtaining a distinction award. He gained his hands- on experience in farming working in several biggest and most known farms in Denmark. In 1986 he took up a position of a Managing Director at the biggest Danish farm Overgaard Gods Estate, which he developed into a modern, prospective farm business. He successfully combined traditional animal breeding and crops and cereals cultivation with nontraditional methods of farming by implementing alternative sources of energy derived from the sun, wind, waste, hay and biogas.

He is also professionally engaged in forestry and timber industry. Apart from Denmark, he is known internationally as the expert and authority in the field of agriculture. He supervised and advised on several agricultural projects in Scandinavia, Romania, and in cooperation with FB Management in Ukraine and Africa.

Divisional Managers

Master Mariner, Head Manager



Regional Managers

Amir Faraji Fard

Regional Manager
Regional Manager Amir Faraji Fard is a Master Engineer in Electrical power facilities and systems. He has 7+ years experience in oil & gas, water treatment, power systems and building industries. Amir has extensive experiences in project management, engineering concept and detail designs, installation, and procurement of industrial projects. His knowledge domain contains Iran, central Asia, and GCC countries markets. He is responsible for the Central Asia region and situated in Denmark.

Country Managers

Ksawary M. R. Wyrozemski

Country Manager Poland
Ksawery M. R. Wyrozemski had a distinctive international career as a serving U.S. diplomat in Europe and Asia, and in the United States during home assignments. Starting in Greece and Denmark, he ended up as First Secretary in Thailand and Poland. He holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University. After his diplomatic career, Mr. Wyrozemski worked as Strategic Marketing Director for Nossano Consulting and Chief Operating Officer for Capital Holdings LLC. Therefore, his ability to understand and work among different cultures and industries together, as well as an extensive international network within governmental and private sectors, brings added value to FB clients.

Mojtaba Parvizi Omran


Regional Project Manager
He holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialized in Energy Conversion Systems, and added studies in marketing, Technology Policy and Management and Entrepreneurship in his own established startup company. During his work in the Netherlands, he cooperated with different companies and facilitated a business bridge between entrepreneurs in Iran and Flemish partners. His Main areas of expertise are the market analysis of Iran and GCC; business coordination and negotiation, feasibility study and business plan preparation and experiences in trade Import /Export.


Dr. Abraham Harrison

Country Manager, Nigeria
Specialist in marketing, distribution, and project management. Working for the company since 2005. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Ph.D. in, Business Administration and Management, General Cornerstone; American Academy of Project Management Master Project Manager; Earned MPM and AAPM qualifications; MBA Economics, Economics, Trinity College, Seychelles.